2021 Season

2020 was an interesting year, and that might be an understatement.  When we started the year we had no idea what to expect like so many others.  Thankfully we were able to return to the Larimer County Farmers Market, and we were able to continue to grow and supply so many with the fruits and vegetables we grow.  We try to dwell on the positives in 2020, that we were able to grow 52 acres of fruits and vegetables, transplanted over 379,000 seedlings, and ultimately we fed and had an impact on over 3500 families on a weekly bases and more than 100,000 students across the front range from northern Colorado to the Denver Metro area.  We will be back in 2021, hopefully reaching many more.  Here is hope to a improved year for everyone over the trails of 2020.

~Hanmei & Derrick Hoffman and the rest of the Hoffman Family

Transplanting Melons in the Spring of 2020